Preventive dentistry

The Dentamed practice offers a complete treatment in the field of caries protection and prevention, also prevention of certain irregularities in the teeth and jaw, as well as the prevention of the soft tissue diseases.

Years of experience in preventative treatments, and the use of the most modern materials have made us the practice with many patients that have healthy teeth and gums.

Formerly, fluoride was given as a tablet or syrup. Today, those treatments, especially for children from three to six years, are mostly abandoned. Fluoride for children is used in the form of fluoride toothpaste, where parents help their children to brush their teeth, but the amount of fluoride applied this way is harder to control. Nevertheless, an adequate dose for the tooth mineralization can be crucial for the final outcome, and we ensure that with our treatment.

At Dentamed we apply concentrated fluoride directly to teeth. The treatment lasts 15 minutes, it is pleasant for children and it is done twice a year. If there is an increased predisposition to caries, fluorination can be done more often.

Fissure sealing is a prophylactic, pain free, measure consisting of covering the biting surfaces of permanent teeth, on which tooth decay often occurs, with a thin layer of sealant. This procedure is mainly carried out on the fissures and pits of recently emerged back teeth, so the smooth, sealed surface is much easier to keep clean. The sealant makes a protective barrier that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the fissures and causing decay. Dental decay easily starts in these fissures if they are not sealed.

At Dentamed, this procedure is carried out with the most modern sealants. The process is quick. Sealants usually last for many years but they should be controlled on regular bases and sometimes is needed to add or replace some sealant in order to be sure that no decay can start underneath it.

In order to smooth the surface of a tooth, after removing the tartar on which the new tarter is less likely to appear, it is necessary to polish the teeth. Teeth polishing with special pastes will prevent bacteria and plaque buildup, providing you with protection from caries and other gum diseases.

After this treatment, the tooth surface becomes clean and smooth, without any damage to the tooth enamel. The procedures are quick, simple, and extremely important for the beauty and health of the teeth. In addition to regular and proper oral hygiene, this is certainly the least you can do for your smile.

Replacement of the baby teeth to a large extent depends on when the first baby teeth emerged. At six, the first permanent teeth can be expected; in most cases those are lower incisors. The “mixed dentition” stage, when children have both permanent and baby teeth, is the best time to recognize and address orthodontic anomalies, as this is the time when a number of irregularities in the position of the teeth may emerge.

In Dentamed, we carefully observe and monitor teeth replacement. This approach enables us to detect the orthodontic anomalies in the earliest stages and to deal with them in a timely way.

The regular checkups and consultations at Dentamed are always available. In that way we will timely detect any new change and enable painless, quick and easy treatment.

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